servicing computers

To be considered for hiring for the role of computer repair technician, most companies and organizations will require you to have certain qualities, skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

Below are major requirements you may need to meet to be eligible to work as a computer technician:

  • Have completed High School education with a Diploma or possess GED
  • Possess valid driver’s license
  • Completion of one year technical or trade school in computer technology or electronics or equivalent work experience
  • Strong knowledge of IBM and MacIntosh workstations, associated peripherals, and fundamental operating principles
  • Strong working knowledge of LAN/WAN components, application, essential operating principles, as well as knowledge of network printing
  • Possess relevant professional certifications for repairs of varieties of peripherals, microcomputers, LAN/WAN components, as well as low-voltage cabling such as IBM, Apple, Hewlett Packard, MacIntosh, Epson, and Dell
  • Strong ability to collaborate effectively with other professionals in a cooperative team environment, sharing responsibilities and workload
  • Excellent communication skill (both verbal and written) to be able to relate effectively with all levels of personnel in the organization
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service by relating with customers in a professional and courteous manner
  • Must be physically fit and be able to lift weight of up to 65 pounds to chest height.

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