software requirements specifications

Produce software requirements specifications – a document that explicates how the system will behave when it interacts with hardware it is installed on, other software, and people who exploit it. These specifications must relate to business requirements forwarded by customers and agreed upon by architects.
Provide high-level design. To attain it, the entire system is fragmented into subsystems and modules, with further implementation and projecting their connection with each other.
Supply detailed design. At this stage, the organization of each module is handled with special attention to the scope of classes and the purposes of various functions.
As it transpires from the explanation, software architecture adumbrates the roadmap which is then implemented through detailed software design of the solution with a special focus on establishing algorithms and data structuring. Instead of juxtaposing the two procedures, it is more correct to consider the two stages of software development. Consequently, the functions of software architects and software designers often overlap, causing them to make decisions belonging to one another’s domains. Both domains are included in one system known as enterprise solution architecture.
Today, any enterprise poised for financial success and expansion must leverage digital technologies to stay abreast of the swift pace of progress in all contemporary industries. When employed to cater to the needs of a particular enterprise, such frameworks are called enterprise solutions. The latter normally consist of the information, technical, and business facets, united into a single architecture.

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