network operators and IoT users

Network operators should use UICC based mechanisms for the secure identification of IoT devices. You can also provide single sign-on services for devices but mind the security trade-offs.
Enable secure authentication for all devices, networks and service platforms associated with an IoT Service.
Offer data encryption services to IoT service providers to ensure high communication integrity and increase network resilience.
Deploy private networks to support various IoT networks. These can be developed using Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) and secured with Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)
Telecom players have both an exciting and complex time ahead. On the one hand, the industry is undergoing major transformations, resulting in new revenue opportunities and value streams. On the other hand, an increased presence of new assets (such as IoT devices) and increased pressure on the old communication protocols enlarges the defense perimeter every telco needs to create.

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Ultimately, to have strong and reliable telecom security mechanisms, you will need to switch from reactive security to proactive – one that relies on extensive monitoring and has predictive capabilities, powered by advanced analytics and AI. Conduct proper risk assessments for current systems, decentralize and automate the core security requirements with appropriate tools and run even deeper assessments for emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G, and NFV among others.
5G technology, still green but so aspired, is expected to affect all critical industries. Not only will it accelerate data transmission speed, but also bring forth new types of networks, modems, gadgets, etc. 5G is a missing element for other emerging telecom trends. Its cross-industry opportunities will help autonomous driving experience, Industry 4.0, and smart city concepts to fully mature. Such a breakthrough will be possible due to several advantages of 5G over previous generations of networks:

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