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With a centralized system of fraud detection, information can be gathered from all the available sources. This system can help detect and prevent cyber-attacks, improve data privacy, enhance data protection, and support the digital forensic investigation. Given the humongous volumes of data, the system that is installed must have the capability to detect anomalies and intrusion attempts. Legacy data centers, despite their high capacities, are incapable of handling such large volumes of data. In this scenario, High Performance Computing can prove to be a useful aid in modern fraud detection and risk modeling, thereby helping financial organizations detect attacks on their systems as they occur, preventing financial fraud. PayPal implemented an HPC environment, and within a year of its adoption, it was able to save $710 million that would have been stolen by cyber thieves.

Personalized healthcare and clinical research
Modern advancements in healthcare have helped in the development of many pharmaceutical drugs and in identifying treatment options for a variety of ailments. The adoption of information technology by physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals has helped them deliver accurate and timely medical treatment to their patients. Advanced medical simulations are often employed to ascertain the positive and negative effects of medicines on a patient profile to determine the most effective treatment option. These simulations demand high computing power as a number of factors need to be taken into account. This is another area where High Performance Computing can come to the aid of medical professionals with its significant computational power. Medical professionals can drill down into patient information at the genomic level, using millions of data points to help diagnose and identify personalized treatments for the patient.

Large hospitals have been using HPC for research. TGen and NMTRC have together developed an HPC system to obtain insights in much faster time into cancer and pharmaceutical research. By using these systems, new drugs can also be discovered, and life-saving medical treatments can be identified and personalized.

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