correlation for the fastest root case detection

Anodot offers seamless onboarding and usability, with a simple UI that is accessible to all stakeholders, from IT and DevOps to product managers and business owners. Users can easily investigate anomalies directly from an alert, get all the context, and provide feedback to improve system performance. It easily integrates with any type of data sources, and just as easily applied to new services. New use cases can be added on the fly, and no monitoring maintenance is needed even as the network configuration changes. Anodot works seamlessly with existing monitoring solutions to improve the quality of alerts generated and reduce secondary monitoring costs.

Stakeholders receive Anodot’s alerts in real-time, with the relevant anomaly and event correlation for the fastest root case detection and resolution. Alerts channels are easily integrated to surface issues where employees spend their time — Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, etc.

Autonomous monitoring & correlation
Anodot’s thresholding is 100% autonomous for 100% of data streams and metrics. There’s no need to define what data to look for or when, no manual thresholds or business logic to set up or update. Anodot autonomously detects and correlates anomalies across the network for holistic root cause analysis and the fastest time to resolution, leading to improved network availability and customer experience.

For every metric the platform automatically selects the most appropriate algorithm from over 20 algorithms that have been developed and optimized to work at scale and hold specific patents in this area. The appropriate algorithm initiates a baseline for every metric, and learns the appropriate metric threshold across daily, weekly, monthly and annual seasonality. Anodot adapts to changes in metric behavior, and can switch algorithms in case patterns change.

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